San Clemente Beach Engagement Session – Z & L

San Clemente Beach is one of my top 3 locations for an engagement session. There is actually so much variety here! Even though I’ve done over 20+ sessions here we always manage to capture it in a new way. This session with Zoie and Lucas was no different!

They really wanted a golden hour beach session so San Clemente it was!

Michael and I had so much fun getting to know these two. They were so cute! Lucas clearly adores Zoie, I mean look at that smile whenever he looked at her! One of Zoie’s favorite things about Lucas is his goofy personality and his ability to always make her laugh. We can say he definitely did his job because there was non stop giggles and joy with these two which is our absolute favorite to capture.

These cliffs right here are why this is my go to favorite pick for a beach engagement session in San Clemente!

Is the beach the right location for you two? Here are a few reason why the beach is the right spot for your photos:

  1. You two literally LOVE the beach. The sand, the waves, the air… it’s your happy place.
  2. It’s a meaningful or special place for you two. Maybe this is where the proposal took place or where your first kiss was.
  3. You want a California/ west coast vibe for your photos.

No matter what your photos should reflect who you two are and what you love and if the beach is part of that, let’s do it! Looking for more inspo? Check out this post to see another session we’ve done here and you can see all the variety this location has to offer.

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